Bangladesh Government approved & Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC)
licensed vehicle tracking system & fleet management system operator in Bangladesh.


1. The SIM card supplied with the tracking device is biometric registered and the property of Falcons™. This SIM must be used for Vehicle Tracking Service only. Removing this SIM from the tracking device and using for any other purpose will void the warranty immediately and the client will be held responsible in accordance with the Law of the Land for such usages.

2. Tracking services will be available only if the vehicle is within the operational range of available mobile/satellite network. The tracking device is likely to go “Offline” (INACTIVE) temporarily once the vehicle is parked in ground floor or basement, which is very much normal.

3. A reasonable time should be given for adjustment and settlement as the tracker needs to be checked for the reported problem.

4. Falcons™ will provide all information of the Client whenever asked by BTRC and Law Enforcing Agencies.

5. In case of theft and/or any other emergency cases Falcons™ will provide all possible support to the Client and Law Enforcing Agencies but not responsible/liable/bound to recover the vehicle.

6. The Client is liable to pay monthly subscription fee pre-paid - before the last date of each ending month to keep the tracking service ACTIVE.

7. The tracking service will be suspended automatically (by the server operator & network service provider) from the first day of a new month due to nonpayment of monthly subscription fee. All previous dues must be cleared before reconnecting of a suspended service. A suspended connection may take 48 hours to reconnect.

8. Falcons™ will not be able to render any support to recover a stolen vehicle which is caring a SUSPENDED/INACTIVE tracking device.

9. Provision of Vehicle Tracking Service will be terminated permanently due to nonpayment of scheduled Fees for 03 (three) months continuously.

10. The Tracker is fully warranted against defective materials and manufacturing faults from the date of purchase to 02 (two) year for replacement and 02 (two) years for after sales service.

11. The warranty period - if the tracker being replaced by the company shall commence from the first date of purchase.

12. The warranty doesn’t cover damages of the tracking device caused by:

      a. Thunder, cyclone or any other natural calamities.
      b. Any repair & disassembling effort by any third party other than Falcons™ technical experts.
      c. Electricity or any other electrical malfunctioning of the vehicle.
      d. Installation to wrong voltage and/or incorrect fitting (post company installation).
      e. Used other than in accordance to the instruction.
      f. Any alteration, modification and/or unauthorized disassembling of the device.
      g. Unauthorized repair.

13. The warranty will VOID automatically without any prior notice, if:

      a. The service is suspended and the device remains inactive for 03 (three) months consecutively due to nonpayment of monthly subscription fee.
      b. The IMEI number of the tracking device has been erased and/or removed.

14. The company will not bear any consequential liabilities arising from the use of defective/substandard battery of the vehicle.

15. Customers are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to above terms and condition at the time of purchase and signing the invoice.